Zaza Lewis - 60b

Location: Derby / Genre: Card and fabric art

Artist Statement

I like to think my work has a very positive happy feel, almost a bit naive in places, with attention to details being important, maybe the mapmaker in me has decided not to take a holiday! I have chosen to hand-cut contrasting card/paper and layering vibrant fabrics. A scalpel, scissors and an array of textiles are mostly all I need, as I like the extra challenge of not using paint.
I feel inspired by a variety of subjects and nothing is off limit, yet! I am just as comfortable illustrating landscapes, architecture or iron roof structures as I am with flowers, fruits and green plants.

You can see both my French roots and recently much more of my adopted country reflected in my work. I have a fabulous studio amongst the creative community of Banks Mill in Derby.

Venue Information

Studio 1.2
Banks Mill Studios, 71 Bridge Street

Bridge Street is in between Kedleston Road and Friargate in Derby town Centre

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