How to use your favourites!

As part of 2019's redevelopment of our website, we've introduced a new favouriting system that allows you to save which artists you'd like to visit and help to plan your journey around Derbyshire.

All you need to do is create an account for this website with either your email address, Facebook or Twitter logins and begin saving!

Follow these instructions and start to plan today which artists you'd like to visit over the Spring Bank Holiday!


Sign up icon Step 1 - Go to the sign up page

Visit or click the link at the top of every page that says Sign Up.

Image of the sign up link

Social media icons Step 2 - Sign up via your social media account

If you'd like to sign up using your Facebook or Twitter accounts, click one of the icons (pictured in the image below) on the register page.

You'll be redirected from Facebook or Twitter back to the website and your new account will have been created.

Image of the social media sign up buttons

Email iconStep 2b - Sign up with your email address

Alternatively, you can register with your email address and fill the form (pictured below) on the register page.

Image of the registration form

 Step 3 - Start saving your favourites!

Visit the artists section and start exploring the artist profiles! When you find an artist you'd like to save, click the save to your favourites button above the slideshows on the right.

Note - you must be logged in to save any favourites.

Step 4 - View your favourites

Once you've saved your favourites artists you can view them at Alternatively, you can click the My Favourites link at the top of every page.

Note - you must be logged in to view your favourites.