Derbyshire Open Arts 2021 ONLINE Campaign 'YouTube Videos' Appeal to Artists

YouTube Videos Appeal to Artists

The Derbyshire Open Arts 2021 Online campaign runs from 15th January to the end of May 2021.

During that time we are hoping to present a number of videos on our YouTube Channel which will launch at the beginning of the year with the help of our talented members.

We are excited by the idea of presenting our members to the community, raising their profile, giving them a voice and letting the public know what goes into producing a work of art.

The videos we have in mind would be compilations of submitted material. These compilations would be themed as follows:

  • My Journey in Art: The artist talks to camera briefly to introduce themselves and voice over images of their work, their past and present output, particular highlights, reasons for their practice
  • My Studio Tour: The artist takes us on a descriptive journey through their workspace, showing us the environment where their output is produced, with its specialist material and favourite organisation.
  • Demonstrations: The artist describes the intention of the video, then artist sets out to show the viewer short clips of a process; In the end we are shown the finished piece.
  • Tools of the trade: Artists focus on the remarkable workings of their tools: paint brushes and palettes, potters wheels, whirligigs and kilns, printing presses, weavers’ looms, jewellers fancy specialist tools and gear

If you are interested in taking part, you will find a brief list of pointers to make the videoing process simpler and more effective here on the home page of our website (download buttons top right) . You will also find the Application Form and Terms and Conditions below.

We would need to receive this material the sooner the better but before the 15th February, to allow for editing time. Send to

If the file is too big try -

Good Luck!
DOArts Committee

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