March 2021

Live Interviews on Instagram

Who: Andrea Joseph

When: Saturday 17th April 2021 10.30am

Where:  Instagram (live) and Facebook (later)

Andrea Joseph is an illustrator from South Wales, now living and drawing in the high peak. She teaches online for Sketchbook Skool and runs her own workshops in Derbyshire including the popular Drink and Draw events. A popular member of DOArts Committee, hear her Interview with Pete Singer this coming weekend.

Artists Video - Terry Baker - Kate Greatorex - Andrea Joseph

A look around the Studios of

Terry Baker manipulates original photographic images. The end-product is a fine art ink-jet print using archival inks offered in limited edition series.

Kate Greatorex @Wiseheart Textiles is a hand weaver, spinner and textile artist working in New Mills. Kate pays homage to the local craft of hand dyed, and tailored New Mills tweed.

Andrea Joseph is an award-winning illustrator from Port Talbot living and working in the Peak District. Driven by a relentless desire to sketch she has evolved from ball points to paints and stains.

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