Susan Dodd - 50c

Location: Holymoorside / Genre: Mixed Media

Artist Statement

I am a Derbyshire-born artist and have returned to the county on my retirement. I studied at Chesterfield College of Art and Leeds University and have exhibited at many venues across the country.

I work with collage and found objects to create intricate and ornate images, influenced by Victorian insect collections, shrines and reliquaries and cabinets of curiosity.

I have always been a collector and hoarder and the theme of my work seems to be making order out of chaos. I like putting disparate objects together, to make images that tell a story.

My work involves building up many layers of found and made objects and cut-out collage to make complex and visually intriguing 3D images. The finished article has a strong narrative content and a sly humour which combines many different elements within a theme and is pictorially dense, each work having many elements to hold the gaze and interest of the observer.




Venue Information

Holymoorside Village Hall
Holymoor Road
S42 7DX

This venue has full disabled access

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