How The Event Works

Artists who wish to enter the event need to arrange a venue anywhere within Derbyshire.  It could be the local village hall, church hall, your own garden shed or front room even, or anywhere you choose.

The compulsory Derbyshire Open Arts dates are 25th, 26th, 27th May 2019 but if you would like to remain open longer please enter full details on your application form in the other opening times box. If you are in any way unsure about this or feel you may not be able to find a venue, do contact us and we may be able to put you in touch with a suitable venue which has space for artists.  If you are a venue seeking artists we can also help.

Artist fees

  • Individual entry fee £85
  • Individual student entry fee £40


Single entry artists groups entry fee

Artists Amount
2 artists £136
3 artists £204
4 artists £244
5 artists £255
6 artists £306
7 artists £357
8 artists £408
9 artists £459
10 artists £510
10 or more artists Each artist add £51


Single entry student groups entry fee

Artists Amount
2 students £64
3 students £96
4 students £128
5 students £140
6 students £168
7 students £196
8 students £208
9 students £234
10 students £240
10 or more students Each student add £24
20 or more students Please contact us


Individual entry Space Images Words
1 artist or student 1/4 page 1 Image 45 words
Single Entry Groups
Artist and Students
2 - 4 Artists 1/4 page 1 image 45 words
5+ Artists 1/2 page 2 images 90 words
10+ Artists 3/4 page 3 images 135 words
15+ Artists 1 page 4 images 180 words

Note That: A group entry has just a single entry in the brochure.  If a number of artists wish to show at the same venue but each with their own brochure entry, then each artist needs to submit an individual application at the individual rate.  Full details can be found on the application form.

What you get for your fee:-

  • an entry (including one image) in our brochure, and an all-year-round presence on our website (with one further image, your additional statement of up to 500 words and an optional video of between 30 and 50 seconds) 
  • as many brochures as you wish to have, for you to distribute (although we may need to restrict numbers depending on demand)
  • as many A4 posters as you request (possibly restricted as above)
  • a number of A3 posters for use as direction signs
  • a number of balloons to attract attention to your venue

We also supply each entrant with an “Artist’s Guide” with sound practical guidance on how to hold your event.

We also distribute thousands of brochures ourselves around the county and beyond to advertise the event to as wide an audience as possible.

If you require more-detailed information on how our event works, or if you have any queries on any of this please leave us a message at  or on our mobile number 07534 548333. Please note that neither is continually manned and it may take our committee a little while to respond to your query.

Our mailing address is Cromford Studio and Gallery, Market place, Cromford, Derbyshire DE4 3QE