How to apply to take part

We advise you to do this on a computer or laptop rather than trying to do it on an iPhone or an iPad tablet

Please check the information you enter carefully before final submission as you can not then change anything yourself. 

It is a good plan to prepare by having information easily available when making the application, for example:

  • Words about your work
  • Correctly sized photographs, ( files must be less than 2MB, files allowed: jpg and jpeg)
  • A link to a video (Vimeo, YouTube etc. if you choose to include one )  
  • All venue details including post codes

All contact details including those for all artists in a group application

  1. 2022 artists can use their 2020 password and username to login to the Derbyshire Open Arts Website or reset at if you still have the same email address. Log into the website and skip straight to step 5. If you have a new email address go to step 2 and create a new account.
  2. New artists click on 'sign up' and fill in the username, email address and password boxes. Next click 'create New Account' at the bottom of the page. Remember your username and password.
  3. You will automatically be taken back to the Home Page, where a message tells you that you have been sent an email with instructions. You will receive an email in your inbox it may take a couple of minutes.
  4. Open the email, and click on the link it gives you, which will log you onto the website. 
  5. Once logged in, click the 'Go To The Application Form' button which will open up the application form.
  6. It is now possible to save a partially completed application form. On the first 'sitting' some fields are compulsory such as surname, both addresses, contact phone number, brochure image and method of payment (with email address if paying by PayPal). At the end of the first sitting, if you wish to return to the form, just click 'submit' which will enable you to return later and complete the form. Next time you log in instead of the 'Go To The Application Form' button you'll now see a 'Continue Your Application' button.
  7. On the final completion of the form and submission of the form, tick the box above the submit button before clicking the submit button. The form cannot be reopened after this box has been ticked.
  8. On your final submission you will receive an email confirming all the information that you have entered. Your application will only be valid upon receipt of your payment.
  9. If you have not chosen to apply by PayPal don't forget to send a cheque payable to "Derbyshire Open Arts" along with your reference number or pay by BACS along with your reference number. BACS account number 11783475 sort code 40-17-15
  10. If you later decide you want to alter something, you will need to contact us - you cannot do it yourself. 
  11. Only artists or groups of artists showing or demonstrating their work are eligible for a numbered entry on the trail in the brochure and on the website. Any interested others are welcome to take out an advert.
  12. A group entry can have as many artists as wanted at a single venue and has a single entry in the brochure with differing numbers of words, images and amount of space. (All entries have the same amount of space on the website.) Click here for information