Vanna Taylor - 51c

Location: Tansley, Near Matlock, Derbyshire. / Genre: Pottery

Artist Statement

My name is Vanna and I love to work with clay.

I enjoy thinking of different shapes and colours for my work. My love of pottery stems back many years. I began collecting at an early age. Drawn to designs and colours used by potters of the day.

The items I make at the moment are quite small in size. I like to create a glaze for each which hopefully appeals to many. My recent range which I am very excited about have a brown glaze with explosions of colour which are like jade in apperarance. 

I have never attended an event with my work before. So I look forward to attending the event at Tansley in May 2022. It would be fantastic to meet like minded people and chat with artists and collectors alike.

Venue Information

Tansley Village Hall
Church Street
Tansley, Near Matlock, Derbyshire.

Tansley Village Hall is located at the heart of Tansley next to the village green. Not far from Matlock, Derbyshire.

Disabled access is partial

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