Phil Searle - 66b

Location: Wirksworth / Genre: Photography

Artist Statement

My work covers a range of photographic styles from fine art and landscapes to street photography, abstract and black and white. I find I work best when just out and about with a camera rather than specifically going out to take a photograph or landscape. There's something about just capturing a moment when you least expect it.  I am always looking for something unique and different in the type of work I produce. Often, I will play with photographs on the computer afterwards in a way similar to the work I used to do in the dark rooms of the past.  

And it's probably been 30 years or more since I first took a real interest in photography using an old zenith film camera and without a clue how it all worked. I have a better understanding now but I'm still learning, still changing the way I see and photograph the things around me.  I've been lucky over the years and had some amazing experiences with my photography, primarily in sport which culminated in being the lead photographer for ParalympicsGB at the Paralympics in London.  Official photographer for the Oxford / Cambridge Boat Race, official TeamEngland photographer at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, I've shot everything from rugby to cycling, netball to wheelchair basketball with court or pitch side seats at a whole host of great events. It's been a real privelege. Have you seen my work before?  If you've ever seen the multi Oscar winning film "Slumdog Millionaire" then the answer is yes.  One of my pictures appears full screen in the film. But I've now come back to  the world around me, something that I've always had an interest in. I hope you like what you see, it's simply what I  like to shoot and having been runner up in the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, I'm always looking for something unique and different.


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