Peggy Fearne - 52d

Location: Darley Dale / Genre: Textile / Jewellery

Artist Statement

I enjoy the stimulation of creating 3d pieces from a 2d starting point. I am continually experimenting with fabric manipulation processes.

Although the main body of my work has its origins in mathematical techniques involving folding and repetition to produce complex forms, I wanted to be able to work with a different medium to occupy my hands during the evenings. Since I was taught to crotchet by my aunt when I was a child, I decided to make vessels with some of the beautiful yarns I have collected over the years. Taking inspiration from my collection of ceramics, I have been able to employ the forms to make my delicate vessels.

Making 3d forms with yarn has been an entirely different challenge from my geometric work and I have had the pleasure of working with some delightful yarns. It has become quite a therapeutic occupation which I am still enjoying immensely.

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