Katie Stabana - 38c

Location: Buxton / Genre: Nature Art, Mixed Media

Artist Statement

I preserve nature in latex; this gives my work a unique amber colour. The nature is often foraged and includes wildflowers, weeds, leaves, feathers and shells. 

I also love to preserve wedding flowers. I am a huge nature-lover and this inspires me to create; I love that I can take a piece of nature which is wilting and decaying and give it new life, turning it back into something beautiful.

Venue Information

The Green Man Gallery. Hardwich Hall,
Hardwick Square South
SK17 6PY

The gallery is situated behind Buxton Museum and Art Gallery which is on Terrace Road. From Terrace Road: Pedestrian access only via footpath next to the museum. From Hardwick Square South: Pedestrian and vehicle access.

This venue has full disabled access

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