Karen Williams - 58a

Location: Sudbury / Genre: Sculpture

Artist Statement

Unique handmade sculptures made from recycled fabrics, suitable for both home & garden & wire wrapped faeries.

I have worked as a sculptor since 2002 from my garden studio in Derbyshire.

My work is all self taught and I deliberately avoided training so I could develop my own individual style. My sculptures are all ‘one-offs’ with no two identical. No moulds or patterns of any kind are used & no castings are made, so you are guaranteed to be getting a truly original work of art.

My sculptures aren’t meant to show an accurate representation, but more the spirit & character of the subject, with a touch of humor. I feel I have achieved my goal if I manage to put a smile on someone’s face when they view my artwork.

My sculptures are different from what most people think of as traditional outdoor sculptures. I use recycled fabric including old t-shirts, jeans, socks etc. I get much joy from transforming discarded items into a work of art. I treat the fabric with a special resin that hardens & weather proofs it, making them suitable for both home & garden. Although you may imagine the sculpture to be delicate they are in fact quite robust. I hand paint the sculptures to look like metal, paying great attention to detail for example all the faeries are wearing large pants under their dresses.

They range in size from 10” tall to life size pieces.

Along with the faeries and pixies I also do a range of quirky animals.

As well as the recycled fabric sculptures I also make wire wrapped faeries.

Commissions welcomed.

Venue Information

Sudbury Courtyard Main Street

This venue has full disabled access

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