Jonathan Mason - 35

Location: Chesterfield / Genre: Oil Paintings Portraits Landscapes

Artist Statement

Hi, I am Jonathan Mason.

I love painting all sorts of subjects. I have painted anything from landscapes to portraits. My preferred style of painting is more realistic but this is a very time consuming technique as it requires many layers of subtle colour to bring out the depth and translucence in any one portrait. I also paint in other styles that are quicker and are more painterly. These styles rely on carefully placed brush strokes that highlight and contrast different planes to bring out likeness of the people. Landscapes et cetera are very similar, as they are just portraits of the world around us.

Light, colour and contrast affects us in a profound way. The colours of early autumn, that bring a fiery glow to the red brick in the early and late afternoon, instil a warm welcome to what would otherwise be a cold day. The brilliant bright and contrasted light of midsummer fills our being with a sense of freedom, joy and exuberance.

I draw freehand, in pencil, so that I can appreciate the dynamic of the human body. I draw quick sketches from my imagination (in other words they are only perceived in my mind before getting drawn on paper) and from photographs. This helps me to understand the entire body in 3 dimensions. I then use this to construct and compose scenes that I might or might not paint. A drawing helps me to get balance and a good sense of rhythm in the composition of the painting.

I use mainly muted colours, so that the paintings take their rightful place on the wall and go to complement its surroundings. I try to make my paintings calming and peaceful so as to bring a certain ambience to the surroundings.

But most importantly I draw and paint because I love to.

Please feel free to visit my website and I look forward to seeing you during the Open days.


Venue Information

19 Midland Terrace
S43 2NH

From Clock Tower Business centre. Head north-west on Works Rd towards Station Rd 0.2 mi, Turn right onto Station Rd 0.4 mi, Turn left onto Traffic Terrace 476 ft, Turn left again, Destination will be on the left

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