Harry Frost - 16

Location: New Mills / Genre: Contemporary Oil Painting

Artist Statement

My work explores the twin themes of memory and landscape.  My intent is to translate and convey my own emotional connection and response to the natural environment.  I work from my own sketches, photographs and memories to create representational oil paintings which capture the play of light, shadows and movement.  I seek to imbue the work with mood and atmosphere which reflects my own emotional interaction with the landscape.  In my creation of the more mystical landscapes, my desire is to translate the ethereal nature of my memory of a place.  To capture the essence of a specific moment and to communicate my own sense of intrigue evoked by the fleeting nature of time and place. 

Venue Information

Woodbourne House, Woodbourne Road
New Mills
SK22 3JX

Woodbourne Road is situated off the A6 at the traffic light junction with the A6015 (Albion Road) for New Mills. Travel up Woodbourne Road to the very end. Woodbourne House is the last house on the left.

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