Elizabeth Forrest - 50b

Location: Holymoorside, Chesterfield / Genre: Lettering and Paper-Making

Artist Statement

I am a lettering artist using hand-made paper in my work. I have exhibited widely throughout the U.K since 2002. Originally from South Wales, I moved to Chesterfield in 2009 and I am a member of Peak District Artisans, Design Nation and an elected member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists since 2013.

 I enjoy making my own paper - from recycled papers - as the idea of being responsible for the whole piece of work from beginning to end is important to me. I am also drawn to the quite heavily textured paper which I can make. I love words, but my aim is not simply writing them out as such, but rather to bring something of myself and my own feelings about the text to the piece I am making. My work is quite personal and emotional and I am attracted to colours and textures which can give an edge to the texts I use. My work is a personal response to text from the varied sources that inspire me and is based on a love of words combined with a passion for colour, texture and pattern.

I have enjoyed exploring text on surfaces other than paper, including metal, fabric, leather and wood, and I paint the text on each surface using gouache paint and a fine brush. I have created a body of work using text applied to women's clothes and accessories, including underwear, bags, shoes and gloves, to explore women's emotions in a dramatic way.

I exhibit on a regular basis with a small group of East Midlands artists, producing work on chosen themes. Past exhibitions have included 'The  Stations of the Cross' at Derby Cathedral and 'Adam and Eve' at Southwell Minster.



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