Diane Daley - 75a

Location: Egginton / Genre: Mosaic

Artist Statement

Hi I'm Diane and I am a pique-assiette artist. I like to use fine china in my work as it allows me to create a more delicate style of mosaic which I love.  Each piece is nipped and shaped by hand and I like to let the china tell me what it should be in it's next transition of life.  Many hours of work go into creating china mosaic or to give it it's proper name pique-assiette.  Through designing, nipping, shaping, smoothing off any sharp edges, grouting, polishing and finishing, each stage is helping to create a mosaic which is beautiful and unique. 

Some of my more unusual projects include real shoes covered with fine china. Mosaicking shoes with pretty china is always a fascinating project and a fabulous way to preserve precious memories or to have a talking point piece of art.  Every shoe is different, every piece of china is different but the results are always stunning. 
I am lucky enough to have a small dedicated studio at home where I have lots of china waiting to be used in my projects.  My ethos is to try and save pretty china from going to landfill and I prefer to use damaged, broken or unwanted pieces in my artwork.  I do not hold an unlimited supply of any one particular pattern or colour and I have to think creatively to give new life to the unwanted which makes each mosaic I create challenging but also unique.

Venue Information

Memorial Hall
23 Church Street
DE65 6HP

Travel south past Derby on A38, after passing under the A50 (Toyota Island) take 1st left after petrol station. T junction turn right A5132, then take 2nd left into Egginton, the Hall is on the left on the main road.

This venue has full disabled access

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