Andy Rodgers 1

Location: Chesterfield / Genre: Overground art

Artist Statement

Overground Art . . . by Andy Rodgers

We aren’t big enough in Derbyshire to have our own Underground, of course . . . so I make these “Overground” maps as a local light-hearted artwork equivalent. I find it a delight that they do seem to raise a smile. I also have a range of other Overground layouts, mostly local. Those are: Chesterfield, Matlock, Ashover, Dronfield, Holymoorside, Wirksworth, Derby, New Mills . . and Cowal (west Scotland).

Mounted-up prints are available for £40 each. I make them at an overall size of 50cm x 40cm (20” x 16” in old money) so that they fit into frames readily available off-the-shelf from various local shops.

I live locally in Chesterfield, so I can usually get a print to you quite readily. Or if you’re further afield, I’m happy to post out.

A Personalised version? Certainly !

A unique present for Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary etc

Besides these “base versions”, I’m always happy to make a personalised version of any of them, so that it can be specific to whoever you might have in mind for a present - or indeed yourself of course. I can add their address, school, favourite pub, where they got married, and so on. And don’t just think within the confines of the map area you see - I can arrange things to include places further afield - favourite holiday spots, “where they live now”, and so on. My designs are indeed “local”, but don’t let that put you off - I can incorporate details of holidays to distant parts, or to Europe, and across the UK of course. Just give me a list of places to include, and leave it to me to work out how to fit them in . . I enjoy a challenge!

For these personalised ones, I also re-write the wording under the main logo, to read something like “This edition prepared exclusively for Milton Medway’s Uncle Derek, on the occasion of his 71st birthday, 24th April 1999” . . or something to suit what you might have in mind, of course. You won’t all have an Uncle Derek.

For making a personalised version, I ask just £30 in addition to the basic print price, to allow for the extra art-work involved. Perhaps this is not a lot, but that reflects the fact that I do enjoy doing the designs!

This is perhaps something you might not be wanting just now, but do bear me in mind when it comes to that special occasion, when you can’t quite find a “different” present for a special friend or relative . . or indeed for yourself! Just contact me when you’re ready. Either phone or email is fine. Don’t forget, though, to allow about 3 or 4 weeks for my research and preparation time if it’s to be for a particular date - a birthday, a wedding, or Christmas for example. I look forward to hearing from you!


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