Christine Webb - 23

Location: Whaley Bridge / Genre: Printmaking

Artist Statement

I love the craft of linocut printing: it’s incredibly relaxing and yet unpredictable. I make unique, hand-printed linocuts by transferring the reverse cut block onto paper, using only the pressure of a wooden spoon. Like most printers, I started out with a basic set of tools but quickly realised that I needed to invest in some quality carving tools if I wanted to develop as a printmaker. For me, these are my Swiss made Pfeil tools, which are an absolute pleasure to use. The process lends itself to bold designs with patterns and a sense of movement. My most recent work has focussed on dog breeds such as dachshunds, sprollies and cockapoos, capturing the essence of the breed and incorporating an element of pattern or movement, such as a woven blanket or ripples on a sandy beach.

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